The World of a Homosexual

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The World of a Homosexual In the essay “What Is a Homosexual,” Andrew Sullivan addresses what is to be a homosexual and that homosexuals have to hide themselves in their careers and in society because they are afraid in being rejected. The first part of essay includes his understanding of homosexual identity. The second part leads to psychological understanding of the term and the third part includes what is inherent in homosexual life. Sullivan begins by remembering when he was in high school being in the locker room, and he had a crush on one of the guys. The emotions that he felt when he saw the guy made him realize he had different preferences from the rest. However, he knew he had to refrain to those desires. Even though he knew being homosexual may cause rejection from society, he learned his way to hide it. Sullivan explains how homosexuals represent themselves in the professional world. They look for careers in arts, cooking, design, architecture, etc. This is a way out to identify themselves. Furthermore, self-identity is one of the main points in the essay. Sullivan clearly explains and tells what is to be a homosexual. However, one of his main struggles is to not find or fit his identity into society as a homosexual. The homosexual goes through a lot in life. Many people do not tell the society they are homosexual until they know for sure they are. Once a gay tell society they are gay, they feel more free in living their lives. Sullivan gives a clear example, “…but at this funeral couldn’t help but at least tasted a few years of life. He had regained himself before he lost himself forever.” According to Sullivan “Homosexuals in contemporary America tend to die young; they sometimes die estranged from their families; they die among friends who have become their new families.” This to me means they literally not death, but they die inside them
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