How Does Oliverotto Use Cruelty And Deceit To Come To Power?

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Carter Bushway Short Answers For The Prince 1. The governing of acquired territories. I. There will always be troubles with the governing of acquired territories. One reason is that anytime men are able to take up arms against the local government so that they may improve their lives; they are fooling themselves. A prince will have to do harm those who helped him rise to power because he is forcing them to live with any of the problems he will have taking the principality and holding the acquired territory. Because of these things you are opposed by the people who opposed you from the start and the people who helped you overthrow the territory. It will always be difficult to acquire new territories. New difficulties…show more content…
The use of cruelty and deceit to come to power can earn one power. A strong reason for this is because “it cannot be called prowess to kill fellow citizens, to betray friends, to be treacherous, pitiless, and irreligious.” This is most evident in the case of Oliverotto of Fermo. With the help of the Vitelozzo and many citizens who preferred the city to be taken rather than have freedom Oliverotto started to seize Fermo for himself. Oliverotto wrote to his foster father Giovanni Fogliani “that having been many years away from home he wanted to come and see him and his city and to make some investigation into his own estate. “ He asked Faglioni to set up a reception after he came with his own mounted forces of companions and servants. Faglioni did not skimp on his responsibilities and gave him housing in his own mansion and an honorable welcome by the citizens. Over the course of the next few days Oliverotto prepared to set his crime in…show more content…
Mercenaries should not be used to form the base of your army for they are unreliable in battle. The use of mercenaries is not what a prince should do because mercenaries are "brave among their friends and cowards among their enemies." All military arms should be under the power of the prince or of the republic. Mercenaries are to wild and power hungry that will either flee the moment you are attacked or they will not fight hard because the little pay they get is not enough for them to throw their lives away for you. The biggest danger from mercenaries is cowardice. The army a prince has should be made up of men loyal to you, willing to die for you, not hired

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