The Prince Vs. Pico

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. There are several differences between Pico’s Oration on the Dignity of Man” and “From Machiavelli’s The Prince”, and they include how each writer viewed the people that they were writing about, what they though about a persons individualism and if they believed that a person should be given the right to govern themselves, or have all of their choices made for them. In Oration on the Dignity of Man Pico says that people should be given free will and the right to choose what they want to do in their life, they should have choices open to them and he believed that any man in a rational situation will always make the right choice and they will elevate themselves to a status much higher then where they are currently at. Machiavelli thought the exact opposite of Pico, and this can be found all throughout The Prince. Machiavelli, sees the worst in people, he sees nothing worth liking when he views them. And because of this he believes that they should not have free will at all, in fact they should be suppressed by a strong central government. He goes on to say that the leader of this government should be as ruthless as necessary, and that he should not feel bad about anything that he has to do to keep the government in order. Machiavelli says that the ends always justify the means, and he goes on to say that if a government is weak internally then it is very possible and likely that they will be invade by outsiders who see these weaknesses and want to exploit them in order to defeat the culture. Machiavelli was correct with his prediction of this when the French invaded Italy in the 1490’s. Because The Prince was published after Machiavelli’s death some people saw it as an insight to how real government’s work, and not as Machiavelli had intended it, which was as the ideal form of government. Another main difference between Pico’s and Machiavelli’s pieces was how
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