How Does Hill Create a Sense of Isolation in the Woman in Black?

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Which event, the Black Death or the Peasants revolt, was more significant to the lives of ordinary people? Two major events occurred in the Middle-ages. (The period of time in Britain that began in 1066 and ended in 1485) These events were the Black Death and the Peasant’s Revolt. (Also known as the Great Revolt) These were both very important events and hugely affected the lives of the ordinary people living in that period. But which was more significant? In this essay I will explain the two events and give my opinion on which event was more significant. The first of the two events was the Black Death. The Black Death was a terrible plague that happened in the 1300s. The disease spread from nation to nation, killing millions of people and seriously affecting their lives especially Britain. It is thought to be one of the most devastating plagues in human history. It is thought to have begun in the mid 1340’s in China, caused by dirty rodents who had infected fleas. The fleas travelled through Asia and lived on Rats and all sorts of other creatures. Some of these creatures became passengers on merchant ships that sailed to Europe. This caused Europe to become infected with the deadly disease. Around 1348, the Black Death reached England and in a year it was all over the country. The people of the middle ages called it the pestilence and they had no idea what it was and how to treat it. People thought that it was a punishment from God. In the end about ½ of the population died and making it one of the worst bubonic plagues ever in human history. It took the country over 100 years to recover from this disaster. The next event was the peasant’s revolt. This happened in June 1381 and it involved thousands of peasants who gathered and travelled to London to protest about their freedom and the poll tax King Edward III had issued. The poll tax was a tax where

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