Death In 'The Masque Of The Red Death'

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Kevin_Hilliard Reading & Literature Part II Section 3, lesson 1 assignment 1 3/5/2013 The Masque of The Red Death In the year 2023, there was a plague so devastating that the world could not bear. The “Red Death” was so devastating, it destroyed half the population. This horrific plague contained the most horrific manifestations. The manifestations consist of sharp pains, sudden dizziness, and profuse bleeding at the pores with disintegration. Anyone that the plague came upon, caused reddening stains on the face and the body would appear, which caused the individual to be thrown in a secluded quarantine factory. This disease appeared in over less than an hour. During this time no one could find the cure for this impeccable disease. As time goes on mass destruction is steady rising in the city. When President Toro heard of this distraught news he was horrified of the mass destruction that was going on. The President decided to build an…show more content…
White the games are going on the crowd is enjoying themselves; this game is like a big party. Everyone has on jerseys, masks, and body paint of their favorite team. The crowd is going crazy, screaming, dancing, and just going wild. Suddenly the crowd stops dancing; the football players stop playing and falls momentarily silent, the clock strikes midnight. Then some of the players notice there is an unusual player wearing a uniform that resembled one of the corpse, a corpse who died of the Red Death. He is so deathlike, he freaks everybody out, and slowly starts stalking through the crowd. When President Toro saw the ghostly football player, he became furious that someone would have the nerve to wear such a uniform, especially on the team he liked the most. The President order the player to be seized and unmasked, but no one was brave enough to seize him including the
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