A Narrative Essay About 9/11

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Everyone has memories. Some people may choose not to share them, when others just have the best memories in life and just have to share them with everyone. Kids take in the most memories and don’t even realize it till they get old. When you’re a kid some things may not have a big effect on you unless it’s a blue remote race car, or a little play house. Some things just click in your head and stay there till your more meture. Then they all show and bring you joy or unfortunately fear many times. The one memorie that will always stay with me was the terrorist attack on September 11 2001 also known as 9/11. The incident all unfolded around 8:45 a.m. and all major news stations instantly had coverage of this horrific scene, but no one knew what…show more content…
Around the same time hijackers crashed the third airliner into the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County.Hearing all these tragic events just makes me shiver. Many people died in this event and even more were leaft with horrible memories that will stay with them all there life. I was nine at the moment. I was watching the news and remembering seeing the two biuldings on fire and smoking all over the place. People were running all over the place scared, terrified, shocked. There was debry everywhere in the air. All the buildings that survived the crash and cars were covered in ash. The city was in a panic with all the hate and fear circling New York and many other big cities. My mom and I watched as everything started to change in New York. Since I was still young I didn’t realize what a serious even just had happended. Looking back now about seven years later I know how big it is. I know that when I get old and have grandkids, I will definatly be sharing this

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