Jean De Vegenette Black Death Analysis

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Jean De Venette A Chronicle of the Black Death In the 1300’s the world was struck by a deadly disease called the Black Death. The Black Death was a horrific event that happened in past history. The people of Europe and all across the continent never knew what hit them. They suddenly became ill after witnesses a bright star appear out of nowhere into the night sky. One the star disintegrated the people of Florence Italy became violently ill. It began with a lump under the arms or between the thighs, then came the vomiting of blood. It was said that if you experience any of these symptoms then you were surely to die. Doctors of this city had no clue of what could possible be happening. They had never experienced a sickness like this before.…show more content…
As the old saying goes, you really don’t know how that person feels unless you have been through their same ordeal. I would love to actually purchase a book that goes in full detail about the Black Death. This is a very interesting topic to me. The suspense behind the whole thing is that no one truly knows the cause of what killed millions of people. Ditches were dug for the dead, they were pilled on top of each other until there was no room to fit anymore; and then another ditch was dug. Even though these people were terribly ill with a very contagious disease I believe they at least deserved a proper burial. I do understand that under the different circumstances they had no other choice, in order to keep the streets clean. I do have one question though, how was it that some were able to walk away from the Death unharmed? I guess it would be something like chicken pox, although this was very contagious before the doctors came up with a vaccine that assures children will not get it anymore. However the way it was in my household was if one get it first the other get it and who ever else inside the home. But it’s always that one person who has to take care of everyone else because they did not catch the disease. The question back then was probably, how can we find a cure to an invisible disease? I would like to know this answer as

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