Renaissance And Middle Ages

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Was the Renaissance A Turning Point in History? The middle ages and the renaissance are known by completely different time periods. The renaissance is French for "rebirth" while the middle Ages have taken on the name "the dark ages". Like the assumptions that people make about the middle ages and the renaissance, it is true that these are completely two different time periods, therefore, the renaissance, comparing to the Middle Ages, was a turning point in history. There are so many different aspects of how the renaissance did undergo major changes compared to the middle ages. The three aspects that are about to be presented in this essay is economic, exploration, and art. These are topics that took different directions during that were never taken before in the renaissance. The middle ages were known for the "dark ages" because of its bad economic times and the fall of the Rome. The invasion by barbarians in Rome led Europe into major depression. This is because Rome was considered a superpower in Europe and when a superpower falls, the trade and economy in Europe will weaken. The bad times of the economy continued when the plague (also known as the Black Death) happened from 1350 to 1450. This plague was almost fatal and it took half of the population in Europe. The only way of escaping of the disease was to move from the city to the country. Even though that sounded realistic and smart, this option was only available to the people will the wealth to afford to travel to the countryside. This plague from people all around Europe and of course, these also caused a major depression in economy. No one wanted to buy anything since they were either very sick or afraid of the disease. It is said that at that time, half of the people you see on the street today will be dead tomorrow, that was how fatal the plague was. So the economy in the middle Ages was defiantly
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