Black Death Effects Essay

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The Effects of the Black Death The bubonic plague of the fourteenth century caused not only pain and death, but also the formation of new ideas to help Europe after the economic slump they had been in for decades. The plague, which started in Asia, spread throughout all of Europe killing a third of the European population. No one was safe from the pestilence; clergy and nobles died along with the peasants and scum of every infected area. This sickness, that was spread so easily, managed to leave complete wreckage in its path. John Kelly writes about how the Black Death changed everyone’s lifestyle, changing Europe politically, economically, and socially. The plague was spread in many different ways. Some even thought it traveled by looking…show more content…
Importing and exporting goods and supplies was banned quickly once people realized the pestilence was spread by these trade men. Since there was nowhere to get supplies from, cities had to provide for themselves. With the scarce amount of goods on hand, and the high demand for them, prices skyrocketed. Most of the workers were dead; those who weren’t, charged up to five times what they had before the plague. As the workers’ wages outpaced the prices of goods, the workers began to become rich and skilled in what they did. The only people who had servants to attend to them were the ones who could afford the terribly high salaries the servants demanded. Neighbors stole lead off of their dead neighbors’ roofs, stole pots and pans from their kitchens, and many times stole the clothes off their backs to sell to others. The need for money was extreme. Before the plague, Europe was beginning to struggle economically. Many countries and towns were paying off debts to wars and battles they had fought. Demand was high, but service was low. With the demand of goods, came willing workers who pushed Europe towards a better economy. After the plague had ended, there was no longer a high demand for agricultural goods, but for delicacies and things that Europeans had lived without for many years. Innovative thinks stepped forward and the economy began to get
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