How Does Haddon Tell The Story In Chapter 181?

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As Haddon is writing the story from Christopher’s perspective, he is reciting the story through the use of Christopher’s characteristics, such as the opening sentence being only three words – “I see everything.” This connotes a feeling that Christopher only wants to get his point across, without having to waffle around with anything else, therefore making his sentences short and precise. Then, he proceeds to illustrate the point by explaining the difference between his perceptions and those of normal people. He uses another short sentence again later on in the chapter by saying “this is the joke.” Again, this implies that he just wants to get his point to the reader without having to go into too much detail. Haddon uses lists and images evidently in this chapter so that he could, again, show the reader the characteristics of Christopher’s condition. He uses the lists to compare the difference of people’s points of view about the field that he was in, with his own. This is so he can explain his theory to the reader, and it also shows his logical and organised thought process. In addition, it shows the reader that his point of view is much more defined and accurate. There are a few words that have been formatted in bold, such as “Shakespeare’s Globe” and “CROW APTOK” so that Christopher can get across to the audience that these words are important. Christopher also writes his first joke, despite the fact that he said he doesn’t like jokes in chapter thirteen. However, he clears this up with the reader saying it’s only a “clarification”, and that he did not lie. The word “clarification” is done in italics, as are other few words in the chapter, so that whenever he feels the need to explain what the word means, he makes them in an italic format. There is a sense of digression from the narrative as Haddon has a tendency of making Christpoher explain his view in a lot

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