'The Achievement Of Desire' By Richard Rodriguez

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On the basis of Rodriguez’s use of quoted passages, how would you describe the relationship between Hoggart’s words and Rodriguez’s? Who has the greater authority? Who is the expert, and under what conditions? What “rules” might Rodriguez be said to follow or to break? Do you see any change in the course of the essay in how Rodriguez uses block quotations? in how he comments on them? Your task here is to describe what you see and how the text works. It’s easy to skip over these sections and focus on the more controversial statements Rodriguez makes about schooling and family and to comment on whether or not you agree with him. Instead, in your first draft, try to draw your reader’s attention back to the sections where Rodriguez uses…show more content…
Rodriguez actually is both a good reader and writer; he read a book that is about the scholarship boy written by Richard Hoggart, and then he incorporated Hoggart’s idea in his own article by using several…show more content…
Rodriguez used Hoggart’s definition of scholarship boy to explain what had happened to him, because Rodriguez found that he is actually an example of scholarship boy. Rodriguez as a reader and writer had the real experience of being a scholarship boy; it is obviously that he had the greater authority to be an expert in demonstrating and explaining scholarship boy. However, Hoggart is the one who wrote about the scholarship boy first. If Hoggart did not write about scholarship boy, then Rodriguez would never have a chance to see the book. In addition, the book is extremely essential to Rodriguez, because the book made him realize the problems and mistakes that he had experienced as a scholarship boy. That is what led him to determine to change himself. “I came home. After the year in England, I spent three summer months living with my mother and father, relieved by how easy it was to be home” (531) Hoggart’s words made Rodriguez know himself better by writing about the scholarship boy. Rodriguez realized in his way of pursuing knowledge, he had missed something very important, what he had to do is trying to make up his mistake by going back home and accompany his family. Hoggart’s words basically helped Rodriguez to improve himself and

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