Persuasive Techniques In B. Blank's Essay

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Truly persuasive writers have the ability to convey their ideas and views of a topic or subject through the use of various persuasive techniques. In the provided excerpt taken from the November 2nd edition of Globe News published in 2009 by B. Blank, he does just this. Through his use of stylistic elements such as emotive language, attacks on schools and the use of sarcasm, Blank reveals his own disgusted and disappointed view of how MP3 players are (but should not be) allowed in schools. Blank’s headline ‘Please, PLEASE ban MP3 players from school’ and its use of capital letters and repetition indicates to the reader that the writer is either distressed, angry or worried about MP3 players being allowed in the schooling system. This is confirmed in the writer’s first sentence and the following paragraphs using emotive language such as ‘strongly oppose’, ‘lonely’, ‘lazy’ and ‘selfish’ as examples of what children will become if the practice of…show more content…
He uses various examples of sarcasm by stating sentences contradicting his previous argument, saying that it’s ‘okay to bring your iPod to school’ and that he doesn’t have to ‘worry about learning and communicating with people’. With the use of sarcasm, Blank aims to add humour to his writing and bestow the reader with an entertained. These uses of sarcasm intend to have a relaxing and joking effect on the reader to make them feel calmer and more at home reading the article. Through the repetition of the phrase ‘Don’t worry…’ Blank aims to make certain points of his argument sink in to the reader. Blank uses repetition to aid in the reader remembering his article, his contention and his argument on the issue. Repetition was also placed at the end of the article to conclude and sum up his own article to the reader as some or most of the presented information may not have presented itself to the

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