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Allison Lindquist The Notebook Literary Letter 1/13/13 Dear readers, One of New York Times bestsellers, a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Notebook. This amazing book is one of the greatest love stories of all time. This book is about a couple, Noah and Allie who meet one summer as young teenagers. They fell deeply in love and were crazy about each other, until Allie had to move away. After that summer they never saw each other again until, one day years later Allie came across Noah in the newspaper and went to visit him. She had come to tell him she was engaged to be married, but at her stay at Noah’s she realized she might have made the wrong choice. In a twist of events Noah and Allie are actually in a nursing home, Allie had lost her memory, but before she forgot everything Allie wrote down her whole life with Noah and there…show more content…
When Allie left that summer, in the book it said how Noah wrote her letters for two years. In the movie Noah wrote Allie for exactly 365 days. Allie never got any of them because her mom hid them. Allies parents did not approve of Noah, he was poor and underclass, or as Allies mom called him trash. There were a couple of scenes in the movie that were not mentioned in the book. For example there is a famous scene called the bird scene. Allie and Noah are at the beach Allie says to Noah “do you think in another life I could have been a bird” Noah says “if you’re a bird im a bird” that scene was not mentioned in the book. Over all the movie and the book had its similarities and differences. The most dramatic difference is in the ending, but I can’t give it away. This book and movie proves that love can always be found. People truly love each other, and sometimes not even an illness or memory loss can change that. Follow your heart and nothing will come in between love. -Allison

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