ELT Movie vs Book

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In my opinion, the movie The Education of Little Tree took away a lot of meaning from the book. It does not give you the lessons the author of the book was trying to give his readers. In this paper I will give you examples from a few changes in the book and the movie. A big difference in the movie was Granpa’s character. In the book he is a half Cherokee, in the movie he is just a white man. It took away from a lot of parts in the book. If you look on the cover of the book, Granpa is a tall man with dark skin and long gray hair. It shows in the book “His Ma was Red Wing, Full Cherokee, and he was raised like all Cherokee young, which meant he could ramble as he pleased in the mountains” (114). In the movie, he is a tall white man with little to no white hair. He does not teach little tree lessons in the movie like he does in the book. When Granpa is sick in the movie he tells Little Tree about a farm in the clearing and how soldiers and Granpa helped the people out with their land. Granpa just sleeps it off in the movie like nothing happened. It was an entire chapter in the book and I do not think that it is right that there was no mention of it. Another big thing that bothered me was that Granpa was the first to die. None of the dogs had died yet, just Granpa which got me a little agitated. The movie took away a lot of important events that had an impact on Little Trees life. For example, in the book Little Tree is saving money for a box of candy to give to his Granpa and Granma and is mentioned throughout the book. In the movie its not noticed or talked about at all. Mr. Wine was also another important event in his life. He taught Little Tree how to do his figures and how to read a clock. He gave Little Tree a coat that he had made for one of his grandchildren but did not fit them anymore and gave it to Little Tree. Little Tree thought “It ‘peared to

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