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The Bringing of Life In “Desiree Baby” by Kate Chopin, Desiree, who was adopted by the Valmonde family after they found her on the side of the road. The Valmondes were childless, and they took in the toddler and raised her as their own child. When Desiree becomes a young woman, her beauty attracts the attention of Armand Aubigny, a neighboring plantation owner and bearer of one of the finest names in Louisiana. Although Desiree's father reminds Armand that Desiree's heritage is unknown, Armand says that doesn't matter, that he will give her a new name. The “A Rose for Emily” is told in five sections, opens in section one with an unnamed narrator describing the funeral of Miss Emily Grierson. While the men attend the funeral out of obligation, the women go primarily because no one has been inside Emily’s house for years. Emily had been a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town. This is because Colonel Sartoris, the former mayor of the town, remitted Emily’s taxes dating from the death of her father “on into perpetuity.’’ Apparently, Emily’s father left her with nothing when he died. Colonel Sartoris invented a story explaining the remittance of Emily’s taxes to save her from the embarrassment of accepting charity. With these two stories they both are alike in many ways, such as their characters, the themes, and the style it is written in. As Desiree sees what life brings and Emily go through her trials, they both had that special one who loved them and would do anything for them. In Desiree Baby everyone had their own views when it came to Desiree, but Armand Aubigny thought different and highly of her. Armand is a neighbor of the Valmondes. He has inherited his father's plantation along with one of the finest and oldest names in Louisiana. He seems to see the things in his life Desiree, their child, and his slaves as mere possessions, ones that either

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