Pride and Prejudice - Mr Wickham

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“But the attention of every lady was soon caught by a young gentleman, whom they had never seen before, of most gentlemanlike appearance” Does Mr. Wickham Live up to this description in the novel? Mr Wickhams first appearance in the novel causes great excitement in Meryton. When we first meet him in Meryton he is introduced 'a handsome young man' who looks smart in his red coat. He has recently joined the militia. Lizzy immediately like Mr Wickham because of his charm and looks. At Mrs Phillips gathering, Mr Wickham walks in and approaches Lizzy. He starts asking Lizzy how much she knows of Mr Darcy and his family. Realising Lizzy doesn't really like Mr Darcy he tells her about himself and how Mr Darcy changed his life. 'I shall enjoy being in the Militia but I planned a very different lifestyle for myself. I was going to become a clergyman but Mr Darcy stopped me.' This only enforces what Lizzy thinks of Mr Darcy. Lizzy becomes to like Mr Wickham even more because they both feel the same way over Mr Darcy. Later Mr Wickham tells Lizzy that 'many people like Mr Darcy because they know he comes form a noble and rich family. Then they find out that he is very proud.' Mr Darcy dislikes Mr Wickham. They grew up together in Pemberly because Mr Wickham's father was the steward of Mr Darcy's father. When Darcy's father died he wished for Mr Wickham to go into the church. Instead Mr Wickham wanted some money to study law. Another reason for Mr Darcy hate against Mr Wickham happened last summer. Mr Wickham convinced Miss Georgiana Darcy that she was in love with him and agreed to elope with him. Luckily Mr Darcy found them and managed to get Georgiana back. He only pretended to like Miss Georgiana because of her large fortune. Since then he has disliked Mr Wickham. Lydia is the youngest of the Bennet sisters. Like Lizzy she meets Mr Wickham in Meryton. She likes Mr
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