Flaws of Criminal Justice System

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Flaws of Criminal Justice System Ms Halima David from Nigeria was pregnant when she was arrested. On the first month of her arrest, she was beaten and forced to swallow teargas. She lost her baby afterwards. The worse thing was that she was not provided any medical care even after that incident. She was not even a sentenced prisoner yet when this happened. At the same time, her husband died. She could no longer afford a lawyer and hence, stayed in the pre-trial detention for six years with no contact with her other seven children (“Pretrial Detention and Torture” 34). Now, regardless of the crime she did, should a pregnant woman be tortured? Was not there someone to provide legal assistance to her? Why did she spend 6 years in the pre-trial detention? The criminal justice system is definitely flawed. The major flaws of the criminal justice system are the lack of improvement of judicial resource, lack of protection of individual’s right and lack of prevention of ill-treatments in prisons. One of the flaws of the criminal justice system is the lack of resource. The ratio of the members of the jury to the pre-trial detainees is very small which leads to delay of the trial. According to an investigation in 2003, the average duration that a person was held in custody before his trial was 167 days in the 19 states of the European Union(“Socioeconomic impact” 10). The situation is worse in under developed countries. For instance, in Nigeria, the average duration was as long as 3.7 years (“Socioeconomic impact” 10). In many countries, the conditions of the pre-trial detention are no different from prisons including tortures. Keeping suspects who are presumed to be innocent in these conditions is violating the suspect’s rights. In Brazil, there are many detainees who should not be imprisoned, but kept in the jail for several months before their trials(“Conectas
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