Garcia Williams Narrative Essay

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Isacia Williams I usually felt lonely, but did not care. I lived in an orphanage, it was dirty and messy. The worst was the smell, it smelled like rubbish that was never thrown away. I know I had old clothes; we only got new clothes on Christmas and Easter. I was lucky, every once in a while Mrs. Sherri would bring me a shirt or two. It was a Friday morning; I was setting up the table for breakfast. Oh, my bad I am Isacia, I do not know my last name and this is my story. So, where was I...? The orphanage is in Mobile, Alabama and it is always raining here. Today was different it was sunny and bright. It was time to eat breakfast and I had to get my best friend, she was like a sister to me; Katrina. “Katrina!!! WAKE UP!” I yelled!…show more content…
“But, that yours,” I said. “Nah, it is yours now... Bye...” Katrina said. “Okay. I am going to miss you, bye Kat,” I said. We hugged and I left. *2 Months Later* I attend school at Mobile City Middle School. Everyone thinks I am strange and no one talks to me. Mr. and Mrs. Williams think I am a shy girl; all I asked for from them were books. I felt loved, but was depressed. I do not why I felt that the orphanage was better. I missed the cold food, the smell, the old books, old clothes, Mrs. Sherri, but mostly Katrina. I felt alone, lost, and scared. I felt like I lived in a “house” not a “home”. Next month, my “mom”; Mrs. Williams asked me if I am okay. I tried to stop eating, but they would not let me. “Are you okay” Mrs. Williams asked. “No, I am not; no one likes me at MCMS. I know you guys love me and I like you too, but I miss Katrina.” I said. “We can visit her if you want.” Mrs. Williams said. “You do not get it, she is like my sister I have to see her every day. I feel so lonely and bored without her.” I said. “I get it, just talk to me “just know you are not alone” okay Isacia” Mrs. Williams said. “Okay, I know... Thanks,” I

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