The Real Generation Gap Marianne Jennings Summary

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In the article “The Real Generation Gap” Marianne Jennings tries to announce a problem that bothers her a lot. She feels that people who were born in 1980 or later were considered to be a part of Generation X.” She seems very displeased from the behavior she has seen from the younger generation. She gives five categories that she has witness become a major problem for the lives of the people who are a part of “Generation X.” She address each issue she has with these people but at the end doesn’t feel like it’s their entire fault. The first of the five areas Marianne Jennings feels that the “Generation X” has trouble with is the skills gaps. She states facts of test score from different stats and how they have dropped dramatically. She…show more content…
President George Roche, from Hillsdale College, writes that tens of thousands of students do not know when Columbus sailed to the New World, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, or why the Civil War was fought. Jennings also states that students are lacking common history facts that should be known because most text books or teachers do not teach them to students. She then tells another story of how her and her daughter took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts and was looking at all of the historic place but her daughter was clueless of what war was taken place down there even though her daughter was in a advanced placement U.S. History class. She then asks her daughter what exactly was it that she done in the class and her response was “I made many great charts and I did a lot of little projects.” After I heard that response I felt like I was able to relate to that because there was one class I remember taking during my senior year in high school we would always do random worksheets and then turn them in, but we would never go over them, and another thing was that we only took one test the whole year. So during the last couple days of the class me and my peers would ask each other what did we learn in this class that we didn’t know before we took it. Marianne says that indoctrination is partly to blame for the knowledge
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