How I Learned to Love Football

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Kerry C. Davis, II Ms. Nelmark ENG 101 1/25/13 How I Learned to love Football In Felisa Rogers’s “How I learned to love football,” she begins by describing how her husband Rich likes to tell her about football. Rogers then discusses her athletic inability and how she and her family never cared much for sports. Rogers is a freelance writer and a graduate of Evergreen State College and a former teacher. The purpose of this passage is to show how the author found out how to have love for something that she pretended to love but never really cared for it. As a young lady growing up, “Rogers was raised to believe that football and baseball were the province of Neanderthal types who didn’t even know the difference between Carl Jung and Carlos Castaneda” (530). Sports were never on at their house. Therefore, Rogers social status suffered because when people would converse about football or softball, she pretended to know what was going on. She was finally introduced to football when she played the clarinet for her schools pep band because she had to play at every home game. But even then, she never knew what was going on. Once she moved to a bigger town and attended a larger school, she did not have to show an interest in sports. Due to that, the author ignored sports completely. When the author grew older, she dated an Atlanta Falcons fan. So once again, she pretended to care about football. This is because the guy she dated was a fan. She would try to understand the game but never could grasp it. So that is why she went on to say, “I hate Sports. It’s like, genetic” (531). Unfortunately for her, that would soon change. The reason why is because she met Rich. After meeting him, she found out that he is a Packers fan. She came to the realization
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