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Amanda Grossman English 101 050A July 12, 2011 Disabilities Disabilites can deliever a very wide array of emotions to people, especially if coming in contact with someone that has one when it is not a regular accurance for them. Throughout my life thus far, I have been in close contact with people that are disabaled. I feel sympathy for those in wheelchairs, mainly because I feel saddened by the fact that they are unable to do the things I can do. I feel curiosity as to how they got there, admiration for being active and carrying on regularly and fear for what could happen, such as a bad fall or woresend health. These feelings are caused because I am personally not disabled and it is hard for me to fully understand how the live the…show more content…
Mairs explains “If you saw my blind niece ordering a Coke would you switch to pepsi lest you be struck sightless?” this is an accurate respresentation of how people seem to react when they see any person with any type of a disability. I have witnessed such reactions many times. My boyfriend’s of three years father lost his leg because of an infection caused from diabeties. He is in and out of a wheelchair and uses a prostectic leg the other. I have been on many outings such as dinners, weddings and beach days with his father there. There has not been a single time that where people surrounding are not staring or questioning his current state. As Nancy Mairs notes after disagreeing with a tv show that portrays a women with Multiple Sclerosis, “an illness-of-the-week like the daily special at your local diner”. This is an acruate representation of how people who a have limited time spent with the disabled react. I agree with this essay in the sense that people tend to feel uneasy when seeing a person with a disiablitty. I feel that way around my mothers sister who is mentally challenged. Because I am not around her enough, I react with a little bit of fear and curiosity because it is very different to me. I feel as though I

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