How Do You Lose Weight

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Today, scrawny models are walking on the runway; super stars are doing liposuction; women are trying to put themselves into size zero. When most people are proud of having a 100 pounds weight, and to regard loosing weight as their lifelong "career", some others finally realize that this is an unhealthy and distorted phenomenon. In Tara Parker-Pope's article from the NewYork Time, In TV Series, Some Reality on Weight, she is delivering a new concept of weight loss that is more affected by the science rather than simply dieting or willpower. I am gratified with her intention and viewpoint which is to tell people that do not hate themselves because they are larger than the average. However, the article is not quite convincing and valid, and more likely, it is an armchair strategist that breaks away from the reality. Firstly, the interviewees in the article are too simplex. The article is inspired by the TV series that is called "Drop Dead Diva". It is telling a story that there is a size zero model Deb who traps in Jane's overweight body, and all the struggles for Deb are to accept her new plus-size life. One of the most important interviewee is the creator of the show, Josh Berman. He grew up in a family that is all about health and weight. His parents are medical staffs, so they payed extra attention on their children to have a healthy life. Sometimes it seems very extreme for general people such as her mother never let him eat sugar, even a cake on the birthday party. Therefore, he has never been experienced a life that overweight people have. He just cannot simply feel the affliction of being overweight and the intolerability of being prohibit from the daintiness. Alike, the obesity researchers that Tara interviewed are also a group of people who are just onlookers. They might know why people are overweight and how can they lose weight, but they cannot express the

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