Eating Disorders: Men Do It Too

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Men Do It Too Ranita Gatling Psychology 230 Abstract To present a brief but informative synopsis on the amount of men who suffer from eating disorders. Furthermore to inform the reader of the different reasons why treatment is seldom available for guys who are suffering from an eating disorder. That there are many men who go untreated due to the stereotypical views placed upon eating disorders and men in general. Ranita Gatling Jean Farmer Psychology 230 November 11, 2011 Data Information: Chapter 11-Page 356-358 Men Do It Too Belly rumbling, mouth watering, hands shaking, and an unknown force pulling you in. Have you ever felt this way? Uncontrollable hunger or a fullness so unbearable you…show more content…
These individuals have a problem with perception as far as their body image goes. It is said that about 10 percent of individuals suffering from anorexia are male (Robb & Dadson, 2002)[4]. This recent increase is thought to be associated with the use of steroids in young men. Men with this disorder are nothing like the many women who suffer from it. Women are more prone to develop an eating disorders because they "feel fat," wherein men are often medically overweight at some point during the disorder and then come to feel a sense of pressure to be thin. Often times, athletic activities bring on or encourage this struggle to be lean (Sungot-Borgen, J. Torstveit, M.K. 2004)[5]. This is done by not only promoting the eating disorder but by also promoting compulsive exercising. Men also may adopt certain behaviors when teased or criticized about being fat at critical development stages, such as puberty (Schoenstadt, 2008)[6] Bulimia…show more content…
Despite the fact that there is no purging, there may be periods of fasts or recurring diet attempts. Like Bulimia binge eaters often experience feelings of overwhelming self-hatred and shame after a binge. Roughly 40 percent of the one million men who suffer from a eating disorder have been shown to suffer from binge eating disorder (Tartakovsky 2011)8. Untreated More times than not men with eating disorders go untreated for much longer than women. Most of the time males will never be diagnosed with any type of eating disorder. This is due to numerous different causes. One of the most occurring reasons is the fact that most doctors or healthcare providers are not traditionally trained to identify much less treat men with eating disorders. So even if seen by a doctor men will often be misdiagnosed with some other condition than with an eating disorder. This is because eating disorders are seen to be a “woman’s disease”. Another reason for undiagnosed disorders is that some men are very reluctant to seek medical help. This may be due to embarrassment or just the fact that men are hardwired to never come across anything but strong. To not show weakness of any kind because this could result in them being seen as less than a

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