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Life As We Knew It The Book I read was " Life As We Knew It" by Susan Beth Pheffer. This book is primarily about a teenager going through tragic stages in her life. This is a fiction book based on Astronomy, a asteroid is going to hit the earth an cause environmental issues. Miranda wasn't considered a troubled teen. She was considered a ordinary teen. With her dad’s new family, and her crush on the local skating hero Brandon, her life was predictable. This is when a asteroid is about to hit the moon and cause more damage than anyone can imagine. That morning the government and the president had a breaking news announcement saying that there was a asteroid coming to hit the moon. They told everyone to go and watch the asteroid outside, but no one would predict the worst. This asteroid would push the moon closer to earth! This fiasco caused people to scream, panic, and run all about. The asteroid will fallow by natural disators inforcing…show more content…
Its a long walk for them to get where they need to go so they stay in there house. They take care of each other and try to servive. Everyone can only eat a little bit of food each day because they have no clue how long this storm it is going to last. The electricity goes out, then comes back on, the goes back out and so on. Miranda steps up and takes care her mom and two brothers. As a teenager it may seem hard to take care of your family. Her mom and her two brothers get really sick and shes the only one who can help out the her family. She has to clean the laundry by hand and clean the bed pans out. She does this all on her own. She walks into town to see if theres any mail and she does this out of the kindness in her heart. Not only her family was getiing sick it was alomost the whole population, and many

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