How Did Western European Culture Influence The Spread Of American Slave Trade

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Around 1450-1700 Western Europe expanded their Atlantic trade. They began exploring other parts of the world, and even building colonies in some of these places. They began to explore Africa as well as the Americas. Western Europe gained many things from this new land, which they were able to use in order to enhance their own economy. Western Europe’s expansion of Atlantic trade, through exploration and colonization, not only improved their own economy, but also the economy of America, through sharing new trade products and crops as well as beginning the slave trade. Western Europe began exploring other parts of the world around the mid-1400s. They first started out with primarily explorers from Portugal and Spain. Some of these people were Christopher Columbus, Francisco…show more content…
They were able to gain things like corn and potatoes, but they also brought crops and trade products along with them to the Americas. They introduced horses as well as wheat and cotton. The expansion of trade to the Americas not only benefited Europe, but also benefited the New World by introducing trade crops that are still huge in America today. Without the discovery of these products, Europe’s economy would not have skyrocketed and they would not be as prominent a continent as they are today. The slave trade began around the mid-1600s with the European colonies that were built in the Americas. The slave trade had a lot to do with the Treaty of Utrecht which gave Europe a trade route right into the Americas through they could import the slaves. If this treaty had never occurred the slave trade may not have even happened. Though the slave trade was a terrible time in the history of Europe and the Americas, without the economy of Europe and the Americas would not have been the same. Europe basically gained control over most of the world including America with the beginning of the slave
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