Rise Of European Imperialism In The 19th Century

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European Imperialism Position Essay In the nineteenth century European Imperialism began in Africa. This means that European countries wanted to extend their power into Africa. (www.dictionary.com, Web.) The main reasons for this to happen were that Africa was a good market for manufactured goods to be sold at high prices. It was also an abundant source of raw materials and the Suez Canal could be a beneficial way to transport them. The Imperialism ended up having a positive effect on Africa because the population grew, new ways of transportation and communication were introduced, and Africans became educated therefore they had more opportunities ahead of them. To begin, the African population grew as Imperialism was taking place in their country. The Europeans were far more advanced and knew how to keep a healthy diet, which they showed the African citizens. (www.slideshare.net, Web.) The people of Africa would eat uncooked meat which is known to be very unhealthy but they were not aware of this. Medicine was also new to Africa. Europeans removed the use of their…show more content…
After a while more and more of the population began going to school which helped the African economy grow. (www.slideshare.net, Web.) The educated people usually worked for the government and large companies within Africa or for other European companies. This helped Africa grow vastly while working with other countries. (www.newcancan.k12.ct.us, Web.) People who were able to be educated started having more opportunities to make Africa stronger. All in all, European Imperialism had a positive effect on Africa and its citizens because the population grew, transportation and communication became easier, and education spread allowing the African people a better life. Not only did the Europeans get what they wanted but they also helped a country unite and become

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