1492 Social Changes

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The Era of 1492 through 1750 opened up doors to new worlds for the growing independent and conductive european world. This period was well known for the exceptional discoveries that occurred during it such as the europeans discoveries of the americas and the atlantic slave trade “triangle trade “ both memorable and history changing events in world history .These events focused mainly on the following three regions Western Europe ,Africa , and the Americas. Communication lead to the expansion of the economics of all the following regions . unfortunately they damaged the social structures of the africa while also making way for the new social structures to form in the americas . during the 1492 europe began to flourish in the economy…show more content…
afican for instance had slavery to be apart of their social structures . male slaves were high in demand leaving higher female populations in land to be dominate .therefore leading to the breakup of the traditional family of africa. opposing tribes found themselves at war leading to a need of higher slaves to power the growing economies . slave trading lead to the damage of the social integrity of african society . while in the americas social systems began to change . as for brazil critical social groups began to form. these groups included mulattoes and zamboes as well as other groups. this lead to a change in the social system . which began with the europeans at the top , followed by european ancestry , than the creole races, and last the slaves .communications further advanced in brazil. north american plantations slaves formed hybrid cultures. there are still some creole languages that exist in the southern areas of the us such as the gullah gullah language .as well as in the united states and canada mixed races began to rise.the growing economy in western europe lead the formation of the middle class. western europe was unchanged during this process a result of new global contacts . the evolution of social structures in the americans lead to the collapse of the african social…show more content…
europe becomes a global scene and powerhouse. this era of new and continued contact would change many lands forever . spanish catholic monarchs ferdinando and isabella choose to fund columbus exhibitions to the west indies in 1492. they triggered an age of exploration , colonization and enslavement that dramatically change the atlantic. mercantilist economic create intricate trade systems in europe . referred to as the great critic that would bring a new social era. this transformation is not only responsible for the genocide of countless native americans and african cultures, it was also the birth of a new society .in the new world european colonization of the americas and its enslavement of africans drastically changed the atlantic world economically and socially .from 1492 to

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