How Did Western Europe Change Over Time

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Western Europe remained isolated from one another and relied on independent economic and social developments. Western Europe’s trade was no longer land based which presented many new possibilities. Many new problems arose with this new found world changing experiences with the exchange of new trading products. However new diseases, and the separation of many families due to slave labor all came along with these economic and social transformations. Trade between 8000 BCE and 1750 CE which was a period marked in time by exploration and imperialism, a global economy emerged in which Western Europe through commerce interacted and exchanged goods such as animals, food/spices, and even slaves. In Western Europe, during 8000-600 CE, Europe built and used roads that connected with other civilizations through the Silk Road. The Silk Road was the major trading center through all of Europe. Although, while Western Europe thrived on the trading economy, Eastern Europe went on a different path and traded very little with outside sources due to…show more content…
Political structures of Europe did not change because there was no outside influence of foreign trade or contact. Despite the population commotion caused by the trans-Atlantic slave-trade from 1600 to 1900 CE, the countries of Europe had not yet reached the period of enlightenment in 1800 CE; which would later cause a series of revolutions aimed at abolishing the monarchs or dictators currently in place. For the most part, the period of world history between 1450 and 1750 CE, was marked by enormous change, as was truly the first time that the European nations had contact with the entire world. Never again, after this critical time would the world go back to being composed individually and economically independent regions without contact, commerce, and an ongoing diffusion of differing
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