Ming and Qing Total Dominance Until Mid 18th Century

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Ming and Qing Total Dominance until mid 18th Century Prior to the 15th century China lead the world in every aspect from power and control to a flourishing economic country. Europe did not have a stable government or a flourishing economy leaving them with no power or control over trade. Europe thrived to be a dominate factor like China and therefore lead to the need of exploration of new land and territories. The groundbreaking discovery changed the fortune of Europe’s power in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. This find would change the presence of European power and trade in China and the East for years to come. However, the dominate forces of the Ming and Qing Emperor’s in China from the 14th to the 18th Century did not view Europe as a threat in trade or universal control. China is the center of the world as far as China is concerned. The Ming and Qing emperors viewed Europeans as barbarians and did not view them as a threat due to the renovations of China’s strong government, flourishing economy, and their unwillingness to adapt to Europe’s growing presence. The Chinese did not see any need to react to the growing European presence. The Chinese viewed the Europeans as “barbarians” and saw no need for them in their culture. The Ming officials were often hostile toward the Europeans (pg 546). A Ming official, He Ao viewed the Europeans as unruly, untrustworthy, and also a threat to the security of China (pg 546). The Europeans often times were referred to as Feringis which is a derogatory name associated with foreigners (pg 546). He Ao once said, “I pray that all the foreign junks in our bay and the foreigners who secretly live (in our territory) be driven away, that private intercourse be prohibited and that our strategical defense be close, so that that part of our country will have peace (pg 546).” The Ming Emperor’s,

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