How Did the Different Views of Slavery Affect the Civil War?

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How did the different views of slavery affect the civil war? The different views of slavery affected the civil war by that slavery in the North was so much better than slavery in the South. In the North and South, slavery had a huge impact on how the civil war was going on. Both had somethings similar and different from each other. Slavery in both places was about the economy, farms, and tariffs. All of these have something to do with slavery and the civil war. During the civil war , in the south everything was about the economy, farms, plantations, and of course slavery. The southern economy stood on cotton, denim, sugar and hemp. slave labor was used on plantations that harvested these important crops. The British and French trading houses brought these crops for manufacturing into a finished products which were sold around the world. During the time of civil war, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States. Seven southern states had formed the Confederate States of America. After the civil war began 4 more states followed Lincoln antislavery views were well established. The central union war aim at first was not to abolish slavery. In September 1862, Lincoln issued a preliminary emancipation proclamation. Slavery in the north during the civil war never approach the numbers of the south. The south had an extremely large amount of slaves. Over time slavery flourished in the upper south and failed to do so in the north. But there were certain parts of the north that was very important to slavery. The northern states were seeking to buy a greater volume of raw materials but the european trading house basically controlled the market. The northern states were the trade competitors of europe. The tariffs that the USA placed upon manufactured goods to protect the manufacturing north. Few in the north were fighting
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