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Xander Morejon Period 7 English Gifted II September 7, 2011 Slavery by another name/ warmth of other suns 5pg Summary “Slavery by another name” is from the civil war to World War II and “Warmth of other suns” is based on the great migration, which was from 1915-1970. I see “Warmth of other suns” as a part of “Slavery by another name”. Slavery by another name starts with the explanations of how the emancipation proclamation, signed by Abraham Lincoln, did not help the African-American slaves live a free life until after the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. The slave owners did not let the African-Americans be free. Slave owners forced African-American slaves to work. Slave owners did this by charging an African-American with a crime like…show more content…
The government tried to give African-Americans their rights but the new system of slavery was increasing in the south. Plantation owners and slaves were signing labor contracts, sheriffs were gaining power from charging Afican-Americans with a made up charge, sheriffs were hired by plantation owners to find new laborers by charging them with a made up crime, etc. Since African-Americans didn’t have the money to pay the charges they would be sent to jail and then leased by the plantation owners. This meant landowners could get cheaper labor than when they had to buy the slave. The government started to investigate the south’s new system of slavery. President Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington fought against slavery to stop the system the south had created. U.S. attorney Warren Reese led many investigations of the new system of the south. At this time people were starting to be charged with the crime of peonage. The first person charged with peonage was John Pace. Since Pace declared himself guilty, he received a pardoning letter from President Roosevelt. John Pace was not severely punished. This is the time when whites were angered about the trials. After those trials African-Americans were treated much

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