How Did The Post War Affect The Economy

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The United States saw many changes during the post war years that contributed to a new way of life in America. American citizens were worried they would fall back into the economic and emotional stress that the depression had brought. But instead, the post-war allowed economical, political, emotional growth and changes to the United States and its citizens. It affected the American way of life back then and still affecting us today. Following the WWII the economy boomed in several ways. Due to the high demand of supplies for the military it created jobs and decreased the number of unemployed citizens. The production and expansion of military products did not seize even after the war was over. It opened up factories to create more powerful and sophisticated weapons to defeat our enemies. As we see today we are still seeing changes in our military and defense system. Another aspect about the post war that changed the way the U.S. functions today was the changes in the American workforce. The amount of jobs during WWII was scarce especially following the great depression. The government wanted to make sure this would not be a continuing dilemma post-war to ensure that the economy would not be stuck at a stand…show more content…
As well, farming became a popular trade so much that smaller farms had a difficult time competing. Allowing employment to grow aided as a beneficial aspect to America’s prosperity, but incidentally allowed for smaller businesses and private sectors to fall apart as they were being bought out from the bigger companies. Looking at today’s society, small businesses still struggle along with the once thriving ones. This is an effect of the post-war’s quick efforts to grow the economy. This method worked for many years following the war, but now the U.S. is falling back into a recessional state with companies that once ran the country are now
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