How Did Ww2 Affect The Economy

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Past wars of the United States play a large role as to who we are culturally and economically today. World war II is an example of this. Before the war the country was going through a time of hardship known as the Great Depression. World war II was known for being the war that ended the Great Depression. Another example is the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War is known as the longest war in American history. The Vietnam war is also considered to be the most controversial. World War II helped our economy by mobilizing the unemployed and increasing manufacturing. The move industry also benefited from the war by producing and selling over 2,500 motion pictures during and after the war. The Advertising Council was also formed during the war and conducted hundreds of campaigns in the interest of selling war bonds, gathering blood, conserving food, and to inspire people to enlist. Many of the unemployed that were mobilized were women. Many men were pulled away from their jobs as a result of the war effort, and women had to fill their spots in the work place to keep their families up and running. During this time child labor also increased, and the average family income rose 25% from 1941-1945. In the beginning of the war, the national…show more content…
There were also many measures taken to keep inflation from soaring out of control. After the war, the seeds of our modern “Consumer based” economy had grown like a wildfire. Our technology was advanced greatly, and before the war women rarely worked outside their homes and even then in limited areas. Afterward the women who had replaced men in the workforce to support the war stayed in the workforce. This encouraged more women to join the workforce as well, further increasing the countries productivity and further decreasing the unemployment rate. This is because many of the women liked the independence of supporting
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