Position Of Black Americans Improve

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How far did the position of Black Americans improve in the years 1945-1955? During the decade after the Second World War, many political, social and economic changes took place in the USA. Some of these were influential in improving the position of Black Americans whereas others were not so effective. The Second World War transformed the American Economy and had extensive effects on both North and South. In the South, $4.5billion was spent creating factories that produced war goods. At first, black Americans were unable to get jobs in the war industry due to racism. A. Philip Randolph threatened to campaign against the government unless they forced industries to change. So Roosevelt created the Fair Employment Practices Commission in 1941 which forced industries not to discriminate on the grounds of ‘race, creed, colour or national origin’ when deciding who to employ. This allowed many Black Americans to get jobs and played a major role in the country’s war effort. As a result of the boom, the number of unemployed black Americans fell from 937,000 to 152,000. 48% of the black population was urban at the end of the war and jobs in the cities paid more than those in the country allowing Black Americans to be paid more than ever before. This shows an improvement of the position of Black Americans in society. Voting rights were also improved during this time period. Before the war, only about 2% of the black population could vote and this increased to 15% by 1945. In the North, the African American political power increased tremendously. By 1945, 16 Northern states had black populations between 5 and 13% of the total population. This meant the held the balance of power because if the black community voted together, they could decide the outcome of elections. American Presidents even began appointing African Americans to positions in the federal government. All
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