Setbacks Suffered By Americans In Ww2 Essay

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Setbacks suffered by Americans in World War II The Second World War had a great impact on political, social and economical status of the United States. At the outset of the war, the United States was dormant and with the proceeding of the war, its involvement rose despite the unpreparedness of the military. During this time of war, the corporate government solved most of the production and labor problems. The United States joined the war in 1942 and had many recruits in the military with better war equipments. The war changed the United States in various ways; there were return wages and jobs were available leading to the growth of labor unions. The status of women and minorities were greatly affected .There were shifts towards equality and most of the civil rights were also affected. Despite this, everyone’s dream was victory in war and for this to happen they had to unite (Alan 72). The United States participation in the war at increased after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It immediately went to war against Japan, Italy and Germany. Italy was the first country to surrender in 1943, followed by Germany and Japan in 1945. The war led to the doubling of the United States economy. There were many men entering the war and over 300,000 women volunteered to be in the war. There were series of bombings by the Japanese navy. The war came to an end after the atomic war attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The attack was so severe that the Japanese could not bear to continue because they had lost much. After the war, there were concerns about the use of atomic bombs in war (Alan 32). During the war, the United States was the main contributor of money,…show more content…
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