How Did Plastic Surgery Change Society?

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How did Plastic Surgery change society? Ever want to look or change something about yourself? I’m sure that everyone has had a time in there life when they wanted to be skinny, want a small or big nose, or bigger breasts. It can be anything you want to change. If you think about it the need for self- improvement is almost essential to mankind. Everyone wants to be better! Plastic surgery has been around for thousands of years beginning in the early years of Egypt. The word plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos” meaning to mold or give form. Every culture has their own way of performing plastic surgery. In India, for example if you committed adultery they would amputate a nose, or ear as a symbol of what you did wrong. The Romans, Germans, and Italians also performed plastic surgery in the early years. Most of them did so because of the wars. When soldiers came back, surgeons would do there best to reconstruct there face, nose, or what ever was injured badly. Even in the united states around the 1940’s our soldiers had plastic surgery done as well. Back then many people considered them “quacks” because some doctors were not even qualified but performed different procedures on people. Plastic surgery didn’t really take off until the 1970s and 1980’s where it showed significant growth. Plastic surgery is very interesting. Not that I have had plastic surgery, but can you imagine not being able to fix anything and have to live life with insecurities or scars because of what you did or was born with? People have their beliefs and religion plays a big role. Some people depending on their religion believe God made us this way so why should we change? There is over hundreds of plastic surgery procedures out there now compared to the early years. Plastic Surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry. Plastic
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