Plastic Surgery Essay

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In the essay “Is Cosmetic Surgery Worth the Risk,” by Rebecca Ganzak, the author illustrates that the trend of cosmetic surgery is rapidly increasing in American teenagers as a result of watching television, which is promoting cosmetic surgery as corrective surgery. Although the cosmetic surgery is a complicated and risky process, the rate of cosmetic surgery is rapidly growing in United States. Cosmetic surgery is very dangerous and in some cases people lose their lives in the process of plastic surgery. Ganzak refers to a case in South Florida where a young girl died while she was having her breast surgery, yet the rate of cosmetic surgeries is increasing in Florida. This increasing trend of cosmetic surgeries in America attribute to media and famous public figures who promote cosmetic surgery as corrective surgery. Teenagers believe that their appearance has to be flawless, similar with celebrities as a result about 326,000 teenagers had plastic surgery in 2004. The author suggests that it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their children about the damages of cosmetic surgery, also parents should not support their children by paying the bills for unnecessary plastic surgery. Teenagers are not well informed about the damages of cosmetic surgeries consequently they put their lives are at high risk. Teenagers only focus on the cosmetic aspect of the procedures they desire, and forget that it is actually a surgery. Cosmetic surgery, as with all other types of surgery, comes with risks of injury and potential complications that should not be ignored. For example, anesthesia is one of the critical process involves in cosmetic surgery carries serious risks including severe reactions to the anesthetic, as in the case author states in the passage, “But plastic surgery, like any procedure that uses anesthesia, can be fatal.” Now if teenagers are well aware about
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