Ethical Decisions Regarding Organ Transplants Essay

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Ethical Decisions Regarding Organ Transplants Brinda Loupe American Military University Modern medicine has made many achievements, perhaps one of the most remarkable achievements is the ability to prolong a life by replacing one or more of their major organs. Many people wait years for a transplant, some may not receive one at all, due to the number of organs available is lower that the need or demand for them. Along with the supply issues are many ethical issues arise with regard to procurement and distribution of the organs. Physicians should provide education to all patients during their care in regards to organ donation rather than waiting until the time when a family member is distraught to asked about the donation. Many families will reject the idea of organ donation in an effort to hold on to their loved one. The case study this week regarding the distribution of organs for transplants has brought about many changes in the ways donated organs are distributed. In the case study, Misty is a 26 year old famous recording artist who has always given back by donating her time to perform benefits of charities and has established her own charity for children with leukemia. Misty is diagnosed with a rare kidney disease which will warrant a kidney transplant. She is put on the list as most patients are to wait for a match. The ethical implications are when a match is located for Misty; the kidney also is a match for five (5) others who are ahead of Misty on the transplant list. Two patients waiting are older, one is a teacher, one an accountant, and the last one on the list ahead of Misty is a truck driver. The local hospital review committee places Misty on top of the list and scheduled surgery immediately. This decision was made not based on the severity of the illness of the patients, but on the greediness of the hospital

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