Assess the Differences Between Social Groups in Their Religious Participation and in the Types of Beliefs They Hold.

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Sociology Mock A) One reason why traditional religious oraganisations may have lost support and membership over the past 30 years could be because Churches such as the Church Of England do not try to attract support. The church of England is the main church for Christianity. This means that there is no competition, so the Church Of England does not try to improve its services to attract people believing in other faiths. Whereas, in America there is a lot of choice, there is Religious Market Theory. This is where churches are run like a business and they compete against each other, which creates lots of improvements to get new people in. In England, however, there is very little choice, its more like if you are religious and a Christian, you have very little choice but to go to The Church Of England. Another reason why membership and support in religious organisations has declined in the last 30 years is because it is very rare for a child to be brought up religious. Parents and Grandparents have their faith, but opt not to force religion onto their child, instead they would prefer to let the child choose their beliefs themselves. In todays modern day, it is very unlikely for a child to choose to be religious. This maybe because that being religious is seen as being ‘uncool’ in todays world, so a child would not want to risk being bullied and follow what his friends do. Lastly, advances in science have caused a lot of people to doubt religious organisations. For a very long time now, Scientists have been trying to find out how the universe was really created. So with the Big Bang Theory being as popular as it is, also providing a more theoretical explanation to how the universe was created compared to what religion provides, people are choosing not to believe in religious organisations. B) In todays modern world, there are a lot of people that see spiritual
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