Plastic Surgery, Damaging To Self-Esteem?

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Plastic Surgery, Damaging to Self-Esteem? Every human is born an individual, and elementary school tries to urge us that we’re perfect the way we are, then junior high and high school society destroys our self image. Impressionable minds are thrown into media madness before they are prepared and come to the conclusion anyone does about what they dislike with their body; plastic surgery can fix it. Plastic surgery can remove individuality, butcher unique features, cause health problems, perpetuate this form over function society, but plastic surgery is most damaging to ones self esteem. The solutions mankind has created to each one of our distastes is alarming, with the blink of an eye, soon we will all look alike. Plastic surgery removes individual cultural ties all Americans have in their ancestry and replaces them with a newly developed norm, one that these people try to suit themselves to. The westernizing of Asian eyes is a very simple procedure in which they establish a crease in the upper and lower lid of the eye(Meronk). This procedure has been around since the late 1800’s, long before the heavy immigration to the United States of far eastern cultures. Asian people requesting the surgery are usually in their late teens and early twenties(Meronk). Many people, like those in the Asian culture, are considered short in height across the world’s population. Lucky for them there is a surgery for that as well; leg lengthening is a very painful way to gain an extra few inches. This surgery consists of a doctor breaking the bones in the leg in four key places and then attaching metal poles directly to the bone. The metal poles are hooked up to crank-like devices which the patient is directed to turn once a week, these cranks pull the bones apart as they’re healing thus making them longer. During the weeks while being attached to this arcane device you are refused
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