How Did Montresor Get Revenge In The Cask Of Amontillado

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The Cask of Amontillado I like this story because how Montresor planned his revenge before taking actions and how he used Fortunate weaknesses to make the plan successful. I also like how Montresor’s motto connected to this story and to his actions. It explains everything. The thing that I didn’t like about the story is how Montresor got his revenge. He went too far. He also doesn’t know that his revenge will also hurt him. He won’t go to heaven because he killed someone. This story is also saying something that is true. Revenge is sweeter when the person least expects it. I think that this story is trying to tell people not to insult other people because they might a revenge on you and the revenge could be worse than what you did to that person. I like to get revenge on people but it…show more content…
If a person hurts me, I would hurt him back. I think Montresor made good choice of killing the man because if he hasn’t killed the man, the man would get his revenge back and so on. There was a person named Montresor. He wants to have revenge on Fortunato because Fortunate insulted him many times. Montresor wants to take revenge when Fortunato least expects it. So one day at night there was a carnival. People wore costumes. Fortunato wore the costume of a Jester. Fortunato came to Montresor and talked. Fortunato was drunk at the time. Montresor told Fortunato that he had bought a cask of amontillado without consulting him. He also told Fortunato that he was on his way to see Luchesi and ask about the wine. But since Fortunato is a quack and thinks that he knows everything, he wanted to taste the Amontillado instead. Both Montresor and Fortunato went to Montresors vault. There were no servants in Montresor’s house. They went and passed several rooms to go to the vault. They

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