Argumentative Essay: The Most Dangerous Game

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If you are being hunted like an animal in an unknown jungle do you flee or come back to kill? Thats what is happening in the most dangerous game a short story about a man named Rainsford ,and his struggles on an unknown island. If your answer is yes some might say your heartless, or cold ,but in the story it might prove them right or wrong. If you say no i guess your next question is how do you get away? If Rainsford had chance to leave and didn’t because he wanted to kill the man who hunted him do you think that is wrong. I do. I believe he was wrong because he turned into another Zaroff. Next, i believe he was wrong because he lost his humanity and became a beast like Zaroff. Finally, I believe he was wrong because when Zaroff shot humans it was wrong and we thought he was savage ,but wasn’t Rainsford doing the same thing when he shot Zaroff that was a savage and in our minds we try to justify that when it was just as wrong. Two wrongs…show more content…
Instead of taking his chance to go home he came back to kill him ,and to make matters worse he slept in Zaroffs bed after he killed him. Zaroff thought that Rainsford got away which Rainsford should have in the first place. After Rainsford killed Zaroff he condemned himself by staying. Rainsford just took on the same characteristics of Zaroff. He probably stayed ,and took control of the island just Zaroff did. Secondly, he lost his humanity. The humane thing to do would be to leave or if you absolutely have to stay to kill Zaroff don’t stay flee the island. He should have left ,and told everyone about his troubles on that island. Let the world know what type of Zaroff is or was for that matter. Zaroff was a psycho beast who needed to die ,but not like the way he did. He should been given a chance to change. Rainsford should have offered to help Zaroff become a better person. Instead, Rainsford chose to handicap himself instead of better himself. Rainsford became a

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