Should Capital Punishment Be Brought Back to the Uk?

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Essay-Should capital punishment be brought back to the UK? Capital punishment is the practice of executing someone as punishment for a specific crime after a trail. Some examples of capital punishment are: electrocution, decapitation, being hung ect. This essay will explore why capital punishment should not be brought back into the UK. Firstly, people may not be responsible for their acts. Statistics show that in the USA most executions that took place; people were proven to be insane [1].The effect of this is injustice and unfair due to the fact the person was not aware of what he or she was doing. They are in a state of mind which prevents normal behaviour. Moreover some see it as immoral which leads to disadvantages. As people state “to take a life when a life is lost is revenge, not justice”. This suggests there is no humanity in the area, as everyone just wants vengeance. While many argue this is where theory of deterrence comes in. But they should answer the main question, how are people able to amend by witnessing wrong? Instead it brutalises the society and increases murder rates. In addition this shows capital punishment yet has so many flaws. Thirdly, innocent people may be framed. Looking at the case of Jacques [2].Who was burned at stake because he was accused of kidnapping and stealing. However they put him on trail as he looked like the criminal. This case simply summarises why capital punishment should not be brought back to the UK. A man not guilty of a crime or offence was put to death. My last point is that capital punishment is too expensive and imprisonments have their advantages. For example, New York spent about $170 million over 9 years and had no executions [1] .California could save $1 billion over five years by replacing the death penalty with permanent imprisonment [3]. This demonstrates that being sent to prison for long period of

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