The Most Dangerous Game

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#1 Nafiul Hossain (20) Rubric Assessment Mr. Sinkinson, p.6 (20) Grammar Focus English 9 October 4, 2012 The Retired Lunatic In the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, General Zaroff became a mentally unstable chronic killer after he retired from the war. At first General Zaroff was mentally stable, but after he came back from the war he started killing people for amusement. He killed animals from a young age for fun. But after the war, he got more amusement killing humans rather than animals. Before the war he was a part of the community. But after he retired, he decided to isolate himself on a secluded island where no one resides just so he can kill and get away with it. After he excluded himself from society, he decided to kill sailors. He got pleasure from killing them because he thought they were the scum of the earth. If he had a sane mind, he would not kill sailors just for being “the scum of the earth”. He became so insane he made this a game. By making it a game, it was more tolerable for him to kill a human being. While in reality, only someone really insane would do this. He soon became addicted to this that it became a never ending cycle until Rainsford ended it. The story does not say how many people he killed; he could have killed five people to five hundred people. All we know is the he had an insane thrill from killing people. As we can see, General Zaroff acted insane throughout the entire story. It is safe to say he is a senseless killer after he came back from

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