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Perspectives on the murder of Caesar Most of the conspirators and the plebs: Tyrannicide was a just and proper punishment Viewpoint | Evidence | Anthony and Brutus both expect the plebs to agree that if Caesar was ambitious (if he wanted to be king when he shouldn’t be), then he deserved death. | 3:1 funeral orations | Caesar has a high and rising position and Cassius is jealous of him. He expects to benefit by removing the great man above him. | 1:2 caesar’s scene with the plebs is reported by casca2:2 caesar’s arrogance1:2 cassius’ soliliquy | Casca despises both Caesar’s desire to be king and his attempt to hide his intentions. He believes the murder is just. | 1:3 discussion with cassius | Brutus: Tyrannicide is unfortunate…show more content…
| Soliloquy 2:12:1 170ish refusal to murder Anthony, wish couldbe just rid of spirit | Later addition: Brutus was deceived about the nobility of his intentions. | 5:5 50 ish | Shakespeare: Killing legally established rulers is unnatural. Unnatural weather reflects disturbance in the human world- the unnatural events signal that the plotted murder is unnatural | Storms 1:3 ,2:1 how much of this has brutus’ noticed | The Ghost haunts Brutus, an Elizabethan signal that their end was unnatural. | | Right and Order are restored at the end when the legally entitled heir, Octavian takes charge. | | Notice which characters actually approve of the murder (Casca and Cassisus- both opportunistic and of questionable morals); which think it necessary but unpleasant (primarily Brutus but he later recognises that he was wrong); which think it was utterly wrong (Anthony maybe but he also has a big element of inconvenience). Conclusion: most characters agree the murder was selfish and wrong. Brutus, the exception, is deceived about his own intentions. His function counts as actually selfish even though he wasn’t trying to be

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