How Did Gunpowder Changed The World

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China is the world’s longest lasting civilization beginning almost six millennia ago it still remains a major country today. Over this time many important technological advancements have been made in China that still affect the world. The inventions of paper, silk, ceramics and many others have all changed the world in some way. Out of all of Ancient China’s technological advancements and inventions, the invention of gunpowder has had the largest and most dramatic effect on the world. Gunpowder has revolutionized warfare, allowed for different forms of entertainment, and has changed and shaped history more than any other ancient Chinese invention. Gunpowder was first invented as far back as the 300s AD, but the first written recipe found dates to around 850 AD. During this time ancient Chinese necromancers were looking for the elixir of immortality by…show more content…
The flame throwers used a piston system to pump a sort of gasoline like substance out of a tube. At the end of the tube was a candle which would ignite the fuel. These made Chinese fortifications almost impenetrable until the Mongol invasion. The fire lance was the precursor to the gun. It was a short iron tube with a tiny hole at the end for the fuse. These were used more like small canons because they were difficult to carry and fire at the same time. They were used more for intimidation because they took too long to reload and were too inaccurate to be very effective. Gunpowder had to be mixed on site because it was very dangerous to travel with, so gun crews had to try to mix the correct amount of each ingredient during battle. These made accuracy impossible because the explosive force of the powder varied every time. Even though these first gunpowder weapons were simple and unreliable, they set the bases for all modern weapons like artillery, grenades, guns, and
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