Chinese Imperialism Essay

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China was a country of dynastic splendor, such as the Manchu Dynasty in the 1900s, but was later on tainted by imperialism. At first, Chinese had become very advanced in many areas, like astronomy, mathematics, etc. However, due to its isolation and lack of modernization, it became weaker than the other nations. Knowing this, aforementioned nations like Japan and Europe began to spread their influence and power into China. Imperialism became a huge component of China’s history, from 1839 to 1935. China responded to it through various rebellions and wars, reform and modernization, and by developing a united front. Numerous rebellions and wars came as a result of imperialism in China. The first war event that took place was the Opium War. Early in the nineteenth century, the British had gained great influence and rule over China, for it was more modernized and developed, and consequently had more power. Not only that, but they started selling opium in China to balance their purchases of tea for export. (“Opium Wars” 35986). This resulted into an addiction to opium, a detrimental effect on the Chinese citizens caused by the Europeans. China’s response to this was to implement their prohibition against import of this drug by destroying a lot of opium on the ships arriving at the Port of Canton. Their anger and actions towards the Europeans caused the first Opium War. Frustrated, the British brought in their gunboats to open up the trade doors of China again (Macartney). China lost the war and was forced to sign the unequal Treaty of Nanjing, which included many conditions, like opening up several treaty ports, giving away Hong Kong, and giving Britain “favored nation status”. This all weakened the country even more. This conflict was shortly followed by a second war that ended in 1860. China’s reaction to Europe’s act of imperialism and determined import of opium

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