Ancient Chinese Contributions

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Ancient Chinese Contributions Ancient Chinese contributions are numerous and many are particularly ingenious. They have greatly molded life in this century. Without the ancient Chinese invention- the ship’s rudder, where would ship building be today? Or sea trade and transport? Other inventions have also contributed greatly to what the world is today. I will list eight of the many that definitely top the list of the greatest for me. I will go on to discuss a little more in depth of these examples and select the most ultimate invention of them all. Eight Useful Chinese Inventions and Contributions The ship’s rudder was invented around 202 BC- 220 AD in the Han Dynasty, according to Listverse (2012). The early naval developments of the Chinese occurred much earlier than the western worlds. The West may even have been nine centuries behind the Chinese with rudder technology. Various technology included, axial rudders (enabling the rudder to be lifted in shallow waters), balanced rudders (where part of the blade was in front of the steering post), and fenestrated rudders (added holes to the rudders making it easier to manipulate). The compass was invented in the 4th century BC in the Feudal Period. The Chinese industrialized a lodestone compass to specify direction. The spoon (pointer) was made of lodestone which was naturally magnetic, and carved into the shape of the Big Dipper, while the plate was of bronze with the circular center representing heaven, and the square shape representing earth. The compass created by the Chinese pointed to the South, while the compasses of today point to the North. It pointed to the South for reasons that included celestial alignment and the natural alignment of objects or feng shui. The horse harness was invented around 220- 581 AD in late 4th century BC. There is illustrative confirmation of a horse with a wooden chest yoke in
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