Ancient Chinese Contributions

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Ancient Chinese Contributions China has been the source for many ancient Chinese contributions and inventions. Some of the contributions have been invaluable to society over the years and continue to shape the modern world. It is estimated that half of all basic inventions originally came from China (Gail, 2002). Identification of some of the most useful contributions of the ancient Chinese will be provided. Furthermore, explanation of why four ancient Chinese inventions are believed to be the most ingenious and innovative will be discussed, and one invention will be identified as the one that I could not live without. Several ancient Chinese dynasties are responsible for invaluable and basic inventions that many of us could not live without. These inventions or contributions include the multiplication table, paper money, tea, silk, compass, gunpowder, printing, matches, umbrella, and papermaking (Inventions, 2012). These inventions have been improved over the years, but without the ancient Chinese inventors, they would not be in existence today. The multiplication table, printing, and papermaking are major components of the education system and required in most workplace environments. The compass and gunpowder are necessities of the military. The military would not be able to navigate in the open terrain without the compass or be as effective in the fight without gunpowder. Silk, paper money, tea, and the umbrella are everyday items that everyone finds useful. The four inventions that are believed to be the most ingenious or innovative are papermaking, printing, silk, and the compass. These four inventions changed the course of human history. The Han Dynasty was the first to produce paper that was made from hemp plant fibers. Cai Lun improved, both the paper techniques used and its quality while using a variety of materials, such as tree

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