How Did Anglo Irish Relations Develop Durring the Period 1923-1949

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What factors and events in the early life of Che Guevara made him a communist rebel. By Shane Donnelly Che's development as a social and political thinker is based on many factors.Oddly enough for a left wing radical durring his time, he came from a relativly wealty background. One factor which had a majour influence on his life was his family.His father came from a socialist background and his grandfather on his fathers side had pulled himself from a working class to a middle class status as an engineer.His grandfather was also a socialist revolutionary and was quite active durring times of political turmoil in south america. Che's mother Celia was from a very conservative apolitical family. She went to a roman catholic school and planned on becoming a nun. She ran away from home with che's father ernesto guevara lynch at the age of 20 after they became close friends. Her family often resented che's father Ernesto and blamed him for chanigng her from as they saw a once respectable young lady destined to join the church into a confident outspoken rebel who her family begun refering to jokingly after they reunited years later as the ''Red Devil'' of the family. ''She was a very confident woman who often stuck up against anyone who put her down and when she took up a cause she would be very commited to it no matter what the odds were.''(The Young Che Guevara,[Che's ancestory and early years] by Ernesto Guevara Lynch 1981) She was very intelligent and was quite a dare-devil. She became very interested in left wing politics and ''She overtook che's father Ernesto when it came to politics and was a lot more radical,outspoken and much more knowledgable when it came to the subject.''(The Young Che by Ernesto Guevara Lynch 1981). As a child che saw his mother almost lose her life several times due to the reckless stunts she pulled in dangerous situations, quite often in

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